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St. Benedict's Episcopal Church<br> 
Pastoral Care & Prayer

Pastoral Care & Prayer

“Love one another as I have loved you.” Jesus of Nazareth

The clergy, lay staff, and volunteers work together at St. Benedict’s to provide Pastoral Care Ministries that encourage and support experiences of the fullness of God’s love through prayer and acts of loving kindness. The reasons for needing Pastoral Care can be many and varied, but whatever your reason and whether the need is acute or an ongoing burden, we hope you will contact us.  We will work with you to find meaningful ways in which we can support you, be that to pray with you, visit you, or listen to you, whether you are in hospital or at home, or prefer to come in to the office.

We invite you to contact Rev. Brian Sullivan at 678-279-4301 or at

In the case of a pastoral emergency, please call the church office (678-279-4300). If it is after hours, the message on the office machine will direct you to the clergy on call.


Alcoholics Anonymous

The AA group meetings are Thursday nights. Click here for more information

Eucharistic Visitors

The mission of the Eucharistic Visitors is to be a pastoral and sacramental presence to those who are homebound, in the hospital, or recovering from illness.  Eucharistic Visitors are trained by a member of the clergy, and are licensed by the Bishop to take the consecrated bread and wine to these parishioners after the Sunday service..

Guild of the Christ Child

Offering support to expectant and new mothers, we provide three frozen dinners through our Manna Meals ministry before delivery, and make a visit to the hospital to ensure everyone is healthy. After delivery, we make home visits to present a hand knitted blanket for the baby and to bring a book for an older sibling. Click here for more information.

Hospital Admissions and Visits             Be sure and call the church!

Governmental regulations (HIPPA) prohibit release of health information to third parties; therefore hospitals no longer notify us when a member is a patient.  Please call the church to let us know when a parishioner has been admitted. You may reach the Church Office at 678-279-4300; if it is after hours, the message on the office machine will direct you to the clergy on call. If you know in advance that you will be going in to the hospital, please let Fr. Stuart know so that he can share relevant contact information with you.  One final note: letting the church office know about a hospitalization does not mean automatic inclusion on the prayer list. Please tell us if you want an individual name added to the prayer list.

Manna Meals

Cooking a meal for someone is a wonderful way to give of ourselves and to feed our own souls. The Manna Meals ministry helps to provide meals for new families but also keeps the church freezer stocked for emergency food for those who are recovering from surgery, have experienced a sudden loss, or for various other reasons find themselves in want. If you need food, know someone else who needs food, or are interested in preparing food, please contact us.

Pastoral Companions

A small group of trained lay people, the Pastoral Companions are committed to being with you in times of transition. Click here for more information 

Pennies for Paws

Contact Sandy Meyer for more information.


Prayer is like breathing for the soul. There are times in life when prayer feels as effortless as breathing, the most natural thing in the world - and there are times when even saying the Lord's Prayer is too difficult. At St. Benedict's we are happy to pray with you, in times of joy as well as in times of sorrow -and at all the times in-between. Our clergy and trained lay people welcome your request.

Prayer Lists

We maintain a Parish Prayer list that is read aloud as a part of the Prayers of the People during the Sunday worship services. The names are also printed in the Sunday bulletin so that the congregation may pray for them as well. To have a name added to the Prayer list, you can complete a form on Sunday if you choose; these forms are in a basket in the Narthex. You may also contact  Fr. Brian at or at 678-279-4301. Names are on this prayer list for 4 consecutive weeks, although a name may be removed at any time. After 4 weeks, names are subsequently moved to the Daughters of the King prayer list for an additional four weeks or more of prayer as needed. Please let us know how the person is doing.

We care, and God is healing people in our midst.

Rite of Reconciliation of a Penitent

The Episcopal Church has a Sacramental Rite called "Reconciliation of a Penitent". This private and confidential Rite offers a penitent (person with sin seeking forgiveness and reconciliation) a formal pastoral setting to confess and offer penance to God in the presence of a Priest. The Priest offers counsel and proclaims absolution. Such Rite often follows Pastoral counseling. Contact the Fr. Brian Sullivan if you are interested in receiving this Sacrament.

Pastoral Counseling

The Episcopal Church offers counseling at time of need or crisis (e.g. marital, grief, anxiety, depression, spiritual, etc.) through professionally trained counselors. Most counselors are licensed in the State of Georgia as marriage and family therapists or in social work. Many are certified as members of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors ("AAPC"), a professional association with standards for care and counseling. The counseling center is located in the Lanier House on the grounds of the Cathedral of St. Philip, 2744 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA. 30305. Counseling is offered on a fee basis, yet many insurance policies may provide coverage.

Touched by these ministries? If you need more information about any of them, either as a recipient of care or as someone who is interested in providing care, please contact Rev. Brian Sullivan via e-mail or by calling 678-279-4301.


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